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How to Test Gold and silver Jewelry from eBay and AliExpress. Gold, silver Testing at home

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YouTube GOLD – Gold will be a SLAVE or a MASTER: Tipping the Scale (s2 e15) | RC ADVENTURES

– Everyone. Gather around. Come around. Safety meeting, I guess. – [Man] Safety? – I know. – [Man] What do you mean safety? – [Man] Safety, what? (hip hop music) – [RC] Okay, here’s the problem. Normally safety is our 21st priority, correct? – Yeah. – [RC] And we thought we took care of the…

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YouTube GOLD – Mine site Mayhem: the “Safety” Inspector & New Equipment (S2 E3) | RC ADVENTURES

(packages rustling) – [RCSparks] Someone commented that I only get all my friends to come over and do the work for me. I would agree with them. (laughing) – [Man] Who told you I said that? (laughing) – [RCSparks] I knew you made up that account. Come on, Mike, you’re falling behind, every things erased,…

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– [RCSparks] Alrighty boys, it is, what 7:30 this morning? – Yep, roughly. – [RCSparks] 7:30? – [RCSparks] Krazy Joe welcome back. – Hey! – [RCSparks] Good to see you man. – Good to see you. – [RCSparks] Glad to, – [RCSparks] Glad to are you feeling better? – Absolutely. – [RCSparks] Excellent. Rookie, good…

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Gold Mining Show MINER or BUST 2016 Gold Mining Documentary

Well here we are again at the end of another season. Could snow any day now. But this is the end and every ending has a beginning. Theres the site we’re going to start working on. There she goes. Nothing to her. Well good morning. Finally ready to give this cut another try after yesterdays…

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YouTube GOLD – the Bold Road Forward: Crush, Dump, Spread, Repeat (S2, E1) | RC ADVENTURES

– [RCSparks] Alrighty boys! Lift the tarp up. What do we got? – [Blue Hardhat Worker] We got ice. – [RCSparks] Ice? Of course it’s icy. That’s the time of year – Looks we’re gonna be busting ice cubes for the first couple hours boys. (laughing) – [RCSparks] If you can get the tarp off….

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YouTube GOLD – Shortest Season YET!? SNOW CONDITION to WORK IN MAY! (s2e6) | RC ADVENTURES

– So my friend sends me a message. – [RCSparks] Yeah. – It says, “My kid has been bugging me to watch “this YouTube show with him.” – [RCSparks] Yeah. – “I guess him and his buddies watch it all the time.” – [RCSparks] Yeah. – “So we watch it, “and I see Joe digging…

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YouTube GOLD – ROAD TRIP: A Storm is BREWING (s2 e13) Miniature Gold Mining

(wind whooshing) (Joe grunts) – [RCSparks] How heavy is it? – It’s heavy, it’s really awkward to try and put in there. (engine rumbling) Been in the car for what feels like three days already. – It’s been four minutes, Joe. (engine rumbling) – Hey, you sure we know where we’re goin’ or are we…

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