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Colgante geométrico zorro en arcilla polimérica – Polymer clay geometric fox pendant

Cut a scrap clay sheet the same size of the template Cut in half and place one half on top of the other Draw the template on parchment paper and put it upside down on the clay sheet Rub with your finger to transfer the pencil lines and make some marks on the intersections with…

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Anytime Necklace – DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads

Hi everyone, I’m Allie with PotomacBeads. Join me in making what I’m calling the Anytime Necklace The cool thing is this is a design is that it’s a very basic stitch that you can work with an array of different beads I made it in a ton of different crystal color So that way you…

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DIY tutorial on how to make this beautiful beaded bush necklace

DIY tutorial on how to make this beautiful beaded bush necklace

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How to Make : Simple and Easy Star Necklace

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make this cute little star necklace. Let’s get started. You’ll need: ✴︎ chain ✴︎ jewelry findings. I got this weird closure thing, but you could totally just use a normal lobster clasp ✴︎ jump rings ✴︎ a star bead ✴︎ circular crystal beads. The…

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Silver Reception Cold Process Soap + My Favorite Disney Villain Sidekick | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone, my name is Katie Carson. I am the Duchess of Suds here at Royalty Soaps and welcome to the sixth soap in the Cosmic Fairytale Collection. I hope that you had a great New Year. If you haven’t watched any of the other Cosmic Fairytale videos, I will link the first one…

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Easy wire wrap ring – Anello semplice con tre perle

Hello everyone! After a long time I came back with a new video today I teach you to make this ring I assure you that it is simple, fast, and it is done in about ten minutes all you need are various pliers a cutting pliers pliers with flat tips and a simple 1mm copper…

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DIY Thrift Flip 1- Refashioning Thrifted Clothes (slovenské titulky)

Hi guys. In this video I will show you how I transformed some thrifted clothes. I bought this jacket because I like the shape but I didn’t like the sleeves and the collar. So I decided to replace them. I seam ripped off the sleeves including the lining. I pulled out the lacing. I opened…

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Revit Modeling Exercise 005 – Parametric Pendant Light (Part 1)

Hello everyone, today we are going to model another family – a ceiling based pendant light. We will make it fully parametric, thus, later on, you will be able to adjust it and make it into something different. First, create a generic model. Let’s pretend that the Ref. Level is the ceiling level, then draw…

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Silver Leaf Crown Molding Easy Short Tutorial

Tutorial Starts At 3:47 You The Republic added the poopoo right now and personal time This cop is like freaking me out like keep going dude keep going Got a ticket And Prot hey everyone its Lisa so you guys are gonna be joining me at work today and we are going to be doing…

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599 Fashion Clothing Haul + Review| Everything $10 and Under!

hey you guys it is your girl Nyomi thank you guys so much for tuning in so for today’s video I’m going to be doing a review for the website 599 fashion and they also sent your girl some free clothes so i will also be reviewing those items for you guys as well and…

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