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How to Test Gold and silver Jewelry from eBay and AliExpress. Gold, silver Testing at home

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Old Silver Found Hunting Half Dollars!

today we feast like kings – we’re hunting half dollars that’s right everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’m gonna be doing a two-box half dollar hunt I have several boxes that I’m picking up this week I thought why not hunt a couple of boxes you guys know that I have had…

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Searching Half Dollar Coin Rolls – Finding Silver and MORE!

it’s time for another two box half-dollar hunt… today hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right we’re gonna do another two boxes of half dollars today I have several boxes that I’m trying to get through and more importantly the yellow Loomis boxes which are these two right here have been…

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Hunting Half Dollars For Silver – 2 Boxes!

I mean come on guys… it’s freakin downpouring and I’m dripping wet it was kind of sunny when I walked into the bank I ran into somebody who recognized me from the channel we talked for 15 minutes next thing you know I I come out of the bank and it’s downpouring I don’t got…

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Roll Hunting Half Dollars – Finding Free Silver and Other Finds!

since it’s been a few months since my last half-dollar hunt I figured I’d go ahead and get one done today…. hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right it’s been I think since October first when I posted my own half dollar hunt and since I’ve been on some hot boxes…

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FOUND SILVER, COINS AND BOTTLES IN THE WOODS! XP ORX metal detecting! (Search without borders #16)

In any forest, pay attention to the bushes and clusters of dry branches. Many treasure hunters ignore such places, but often you can find something interesting there! …look at that… right here!… …look at that! It’s a coin!… …another interesting signal… right on the top… [music] Hi everyone! Today I’m in the woods again, and…

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Searching Half Dollar Boxes for Silver Coins!

let’s go ahead and hunt two boxes of halfs this week and hope we find some silver hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’ve got six boxes of half dollars this week I’ve got a couple boxes that I believe has silver Enders I’m saving those for my live stream figured I’d…

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Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Half Dollars!

let’s go and hunt at least one box of halfs but we’ll open more if we need to Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’ve got a box a half’s that I’m willing to open here right now today this is from my third half dollar bank I’ve got my backup bank…

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YouTube GOLD – 4 Dudes, 1 Mine site : Redemption Run (s2 e5) | RC ADVENTURES

– [Rookie] Acting time. – [RCSparks] You’re back! – I’m back, ‘course I’m back. Where would I go? – [RCSparks] Well you need the money I know that. What about you? – Hey. – Hey. What’s happening? – Good morning. – [RCSparks] You ready to do some mining? – Well I haven’t got my gear…

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Bandits Make Their Move – We Got The GOLD! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Katie] Did you encounter any bandits on the way? Are you okay? – We did see hats. – Hats? – Serious? – [Male] Now what was that instruction that Doc gave me? I need to push the alarm once? – What is that noise, who’s got their phone on? – I don’t know. –…

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