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Learn to Fold Clothes

Sandy: Hi, I’m Sandy Prouty, a residential life counselor at the Washington State School for the Blind. Here with me today is…. Rebecca: I’m Rebecca Fu, I am a student here. Sandy: We’re here today to show you how to fold laundry. Okay Rebecca, would you like to get…. We’re going to start with a…

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Tips on how to photo earrings and necklaces

hi I’m Cameron with Amazon Studios in the second installment of our jewelry video series we will go over how to successfully image earrings and pendant necklaces this one is going to require a few changes and some extra tools if you have a riser please procure a drill and a small drill bit I…

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Tips on how to shoot photos of necklaces laying down

hi I’m Cameron with Amazon Studios and in the third installment of our jewelry video series we will go over how to successfully image lay down necklaces you will not need a riser for this one just the sweep so go ahead and style your piece but make sure you turn the item negative 90…

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How to Use a Ring Sizer and Ring Mandrel

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Traditional Chinese Hairstyle Suit Han Clothing Very Simple 漢服髮型教學與傳統漢服搭配的日常簡單風格不需假髮|LanglangStyle01

Hi I’m Langlang Today I’ll show you a hair style suitable for in Dynasty Song/Ming in ancient China No need wig this time Except comb Bobby pins and hair bands There is a new thing — hairnet Very cheap And durable You could use it for 3 months The size is selected by your hair…

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How to Draw Wet Clothing|Japanese PRO Advice

Currently this wet garment is thin material How do you express the weight? That’s through wrinkles and the color Where it is sticking to the body, it has mountain like folds – yes Thank you for coming! -Hello This time Hinoe-san is here for the Discord advice series The drawing we picked up this time…

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Beadaholique’s Learn to Bead Video Series, Video #6: Necklace Lengths

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Make It Last: Clothing | Consumer Reports

[SNAP] [UPBEAT MUSIC] How do you make your clothing last longer? A tiny stain, or a little hole can ruin a garment. And what a waste of money. These pants have candle wax on them. But rather than tossing them, I’m going to wick the wax away with brown paper and an iron. After you’ve…

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How to Make a Wire Wrapped Cocktail Ring Stone Setting by Wyatt White

Hi! My name is Wyatt White and I’m the education direction and product manager at Beadalon today I’m be showing you how to set a stone, a faceted stone in a square wire ring now we’re going to make a ring set it it’s a faceted stone It’s a bottom on it and of course…

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5 DIY Clothes From Old T-Shirts | Venezia Lowis

Bonjour! Hi, I’m Venezia Lowis and today I’m gonna show you to make 5 DIY clothes to update your old t-shirts to be your new OOTD t-shirts has their cycle they don’t last forever it’s torn, get stained majorly stretch out because so comfy in fact that we wore it to death and we can’t…

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