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From Bedroom Sheets to Fashion Hacks! 10 DIY Clothes Ideas for Upcycle Girls

Rise and shine, Crafty Pandas! Seems like our bedsheets got ruined in the washing machine? Don’t tear up just yet, we can still turn it into 5 different outfits! A dress? A skirt? Or maybe a classy romper? Let’s get down to business! Take a large bedsheet, remove the elastic band if you have to….

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Approaching new Stores with your clothing brand

Hey everybody im going to give you a few examples and some tips on what to expect when approaching a new store whether you’re a clothing designer or a jewelry owner these are things you wanna keep in mind so somethings you want to have prepared are a line sheet or a catalog which show…

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Fall Pinterest Clothing Hacks!

hey everybody welcome to another video where I do whatever I want and today I want to try Pinterest clothing hacks the fall edition so I did Pinterest clothing hacks like two months ago But it was kind of a summer edition because it was mainly tank tops So I wanted to do a fall…

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I Stole My Stepsister’s Diary And Learned She Is A Sociopath

Hello everyone! My name is James. I’m 17. And my story proves the accuracy of the expression “beware of your desires.” For the one you desire may turn out to be a sociopath and try to ruin your life. But let’s start from the very beginning. This story began from my innocent decision to earn…

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Learn to Fold Clothes

Sandy: Hi, I’m Sandy Prouty, a residential life counselor at the Washington State School for the Blind. Here with me today is…. Rebecca: I’m Rebecca Fu, I am a student here. Sandy: We’re here today to show you how to fold laundry. Okay Rebecca, would you like to get…. We’re going to start with a…

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Tips on how to photo earrings and necklaces

hi I’m Cameron with Amazon Studios in the second installment of our jewelry video series we will go over how to successfully image earrings and pendant necklaces this one is going to require a few changes and some extra tools if you have a riser please procure a drill and a small drill bit I…

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Tips on how to shoot photos of necklaces laying down

hi I’m Cameron with Amazon Studios and in the third installment of our jewelry video series we will go over how to successfully image lay down necklaces you will not need a riser for this one just the sweep so go ahead and style your piece but make sure you turn the item negative 90…

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How to Use a Ring Sizer and Ring Mandrel

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Traditional Chinese Hairstyle Suit Han Clothing Very Simple 漢服髮型教學與傳統漢服搭配的日常簡單風格不需假髮|LanglangStyle01

Hi I’m Langlang Today I’ll show you a hair style suitable for in Dynasty Song/Ming in ancient China No need wig this time Except comb Bobby pins and hair bands There is a new thing — hairnet Very cheap And durable You could use it for 3 months The size is selected by your hair…

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How to Draw Wet Clothing|Japanese PRO Advice

Currently this wet garment is thin material How do you express the weight? That’s through wrinkles and the color Where it is sticking to the body, it has mountain like folds – yes Thank you for coming! -Hello This time Hinoe-san is here for the Discord advice series The drawing we picked up this time…

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