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Intense Toning At Home with Sterling Silver Mask

(chill music) – I’m here to show you the new sterling silver mask by AG Hair. This intense toning treatment is specifically designed for these high-lift bright blondes. Things like free-radicals, sun and heat are major contributors to brassiness and damage. First, we’re going to cleanse the hair with sterling silver shampoo. After you cleanse…

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The Theory of Oval Chain Rings | ROTOR Factory Tour

(whooshing) – We’re here at the Rotor HQ and factory in Madrid to find out how Q Rings are made, the science behind them, and then to go for a ride on them. And I’m really excited, some of my best results were in Q Rings and it’s been a while since I last used…

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Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 Here comes the PAIN LET’S EAT!! First Onion Ring is for you 🙂 So good! Anything fried and cheesy has a special place in my heart Here we go.. Yummy! I haven’t eaten the 2X Nuclear Noodles in so long They definitely aren’t as hot as the first time around…

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5 oz Trident Silver Bar | Gainesville Coins

The 5 oz Trident Silver Bar Contains .999 Fine Silver. Neptune, The Roman God Of Water and Sea, Features On The Face Of The Bar. Reminiscent Of A Watery Surface The Bar’s Reverse Has A Stylish Pattern. The 5 oz Trident Bar Is Stamped With A Serial Number And Comes With A Certificate Of Authenticity.

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Investing in Silver in 2019 | Will You Achieve A Good Return? | Anna Hilberry

Hi, I’m Anna Hilberry with National Bank Financial it’s July 4th, 2019 Gold prices over the last six months have gone up ten percent while silver has gone down about 60 basis points. This has investors asking if now is a good time to invest in silver. But how has silver treated investors over the…

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Dragonfly Beaded Ornament/Pendant – Part 1

Good morning and welcome back to another video. Today I’m gonna be showing you how to make these beautiful little dragonflies. I make them during the holidays for ornaments. I have also had requests for a pendant, so I’ve made them as pendants and earrings as well, but I’ve just made the earrings shorter about…

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Thriller – the lost scenes 5: Ring Once For Death

RING ONCE FOR DEATH There are extra seconds included here. This scene continues on much longer here… The ATV version cuts abruptly at this point. This shot was trimmed at the start. Dimerent music is featured here These shots of Betty were later trimmed down. This shot goes on slightly longer at the end. This…

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Morganite Ring: Design Unique Ring with Morganite 17.41 Carats

morganite for ring weight 17.41 carats visit our official factory website to learn more we are based in Jaipur India a city famous for cutting the best gems in the whole world gemsfactory.in

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Colgante geométrico zorro en arcilla polimérica – Polymer clay geometric fox pendant

Cut a scrap clay sheet the same size of the template Cut in half and place one half on top of the other Draw the template on parchment paper and put it upside down on the clay sheet Rub with your finger to transfer the pencil lines and make some marks on the intersections with…

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10 Famous Clothing Logos With HIDDEN Meaning | RMRS Style Videos

Logos With Hidden Meaning – [0:00:00] Let’s start things off with a logo we’re all familiar with, the Nike Swoosh. Now, you may know that Nike is the Greek goddess of victory, and the Swoosh represents her wing. Now, what you may not know is Nike founder, Phil Knight did not design that logo. That…

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