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Hello everyone in this video I am going to tell about silver the metal with the highest reflectance And which also has lots of other not less interesting properties Nowadays Silver is mainly seen in jewelry shops or in homeware shops still an extremely expensive cutlery made from this metal however In the beginning of…

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Can We Find Some Silver Dimes? It’s Dime Time!

eenie meenie miney moe catch a tiger by the toe Who am I kidding – it’s Dime Time! hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right we are overdue for a dime time hunt I’ve got two boxes of Dimes here and I got it from a bank that I normally do…

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Saint Michael’s Sword and Wide Wings Pendant

Saint Michael’s Sword and Wide Wings Pendant The Saint Michael Silver Necklace represents power and justice The sword figure represents cutting off negative energy and purifying people from negative emotions This Saint Michael’s necklace is also called the archangel necklace. The silver angel wings band stands out perfectly with white cubic zirconia Saint Michael 925…

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Professional Smooth Bronze & Silver I Final I Metropolitan 2020

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Sonic vs Silver Thank you for watching my Epic Superheroes Battle Series video Subscribe my channel for more Superheroes Battle video

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Fancy Purple Necklace Gold Plated

Fancy Purple Necklace Gold Plated Exquisite hydro quartz cut pendant is stunningly regal. Meticulously faceted center stone. Modeled after the most exceptional fine jewelry, the fancy hydro quartz purple center stone features . Clear and fancy Pendant and chain are sterling silver.

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David Morgan, Smooth RIDE for SILVER Seen

(Text on screen): Ellis Martin: The Report with guest David Morgan Ellis Martin: The following segment is sponsored by El Tigre Silver Corp., trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol ELS.V. And on the OTCQX as EGRTF. El Tigre Silver Corp. is focused on silver exploration and development in prolific Sonora State, Mexico….

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Coin Roll Hunting for Silver Nickels and Buffalo Nickels

fresh off of finding a V nickel in my last nickel box… thought I’d hunt another! Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right we finally got another V nickel my third ever from all the nickel boxes I’ve hunted and now I’m juiced I picked up a nickel box for me…

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Old Silver Coin Hunt – Liberty Seated, Barbers and Standing Liberty

it’s not much… but we’ve got a bag of old silver to go through today… Hey everybody it’s Rob with Rob finds treasure and I’ve got a twenty dollar and thirty five cent bag that has SLQ’s some seated some barbers – things like that… a lot of it’s pretty much cull but my dealer…

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Sterling Silver Unique Snowflake Pendant Gold Plated White Zircon

Sterling Silver Unique Snowflake Pendant Gold Plated White Zircon 925 sterling silver, gold plated The silver Snowflake flawlessly shows off the cubic zirconia stones as your Unique. Such an effortlessly cool look! Adjustable chain end. This 925 Sterling Silver Necklace will be a great addition to your jewelry box!

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