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Köstebek kolye ucu (Mole necklace)

Hi friends, today we will work with you a pendant, I named it mole pendant I compared this part to the mole Although this work is quite easy, it will take our time I’ll tell you about the construction stages, I hope you can all of you materials I use for this study I use…

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Flora Gems – Premier Illinois Jeweler in Champaign Decatur

Flora Gems wants to be a part of your love story. And what says I love you more than the perfect ring? With the largest selection of engagement rings and diamonds in every size. Create your dream ring at Flora Gems. Your #1 Diamond Destination.

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Polymer Clay Necklace

Hey Everyone, We are going to make this beaded necklace using polymer clay. So to get started I will be using polymer clay, I used a bamboo skewer but you can use a round toothpick. I didn’t have a toothpick available hence the bamboo skewer. You will also need wax cotton cord maybe a knife…

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How to choose the perfect engagement ring by Ronnie Mervis

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Saint Michael’s Sword and Wide Wings Pendant

Saint Michael’s Sword and Wide Wings Pendant The Saint Michael Silver Necklace represents power and justice The sword figure represents cutting off negative energy and purifying people from negative emotions This Saint Michael’s necklace is also called the archangel necklace. The silver angel wings band stands out perfectly with white cubic zirconia Saint Michael 925…

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Gold Necklace Designs in 20 Grams With Price & Weight (2018)

Gold Necklace Designs Latest Designs Weight in 20 Grams Feel Love Discover Beauty Diamond & Gold India The Oleana Necklace with 20.17 Grams of Solid 18kt Yellow Gold by bluestone EMI Available Pay Monthly The Lau Station Plain Gold Necklace in 21.46 Grams of 22Kt Yellow Gold By BlueStone – EMI Available With Diamonds? This…

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Kroşe ip ile firkete kolye nasıl yapılır (How to make hairpin necklace with crochet rope)

Friends, we’re together in a lesson. I’ll teach you a hairpin business again today its knitting technique is a little different from what I have shown before a technique that allows the beads to stand above one, not side by side; Materials needed for this work 120 pcs 7 millimeter beads, I’ll make colorful friends…

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Tackling my Craft Hoard – Geometric Necklace

Hey guys. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make an interesting geometric necklace. I actually saw somebody wearing this necklace, probably on Instagram, while I was flicking through the photos. Theirs was store bought; I don’t remember where they got it. Some of you may know. If you do, then you can…

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NurtraBaby Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Unboxing Review | Bonus Silicone Necklace

NurtraBaby Presents Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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Designer Jewellery Making at Home / Kundan jewellery making idea DIY / Kundan Necklace

For Raw Material you can wts app on 09925037956(colour options are available) For Raw Material you can wts app on 09925037956(colour options are available) For Raw Material you can wts app on 09925037956(colour options are available)

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