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How to Test Gold and silver Jewelry from eBay and AliExpress. Gold, silver Testing at home

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Big SILVER and RELICS💰 Metal Detecting demolished MANSION🏡

Take a Journey with Us Across the Plains Saving History One Piece at a Time Demolished Mansion Alright, we’ve been out here a little while. So, I guess I ought to go ahead and give you my intro. We’ve got some good stuff coming up. Hunt’s not over yet, but the sun is starting to…

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Dime Time – Silver Dimes Found Coin Roll Hunting!

It’s….. DIMETIME! Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right it’s Dime Time I got a couple of dime boxes I picked up to my bank I haven’t even open them to see if they’re uncirculated or circulated dimes yet so fingers crossed that we’ve got some circulated dimes to hunt for…

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Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt: The Silver Coin Zombies! | Aquachigger

Wow! Look at that! “It’s nothing! That’s nothing! This is just one little handful.” “There’s pounds of these coins out here.” And that’s just one of the buckets! Me and old Steve have to plant. “Many more buckets of this silver.” Yeah, I know that’s awesome. “All right. Time to go. That my half? Got…

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Silver Ore And Nugget Metal Detecting: Pulse or VLF? | Aquachigger

meMiner: “So we’re gonna do something interesting, I just got a signal on the Mine Lab GPX 5000.” meMiner: “A pricey machine.” meMiner: “There it is.” meMiner: “I’m looking at you.” [Laughs] Well it’s definitely a good sounding signal. meMiner: “That.. that to me.. is the sound of silver.” Sound and silver? meMiner: “Yeah.” Not…

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Silver Dimes Found Coin Roll Hunting – DIME TIME

it’s Dime Time! Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and that’s right it’s dime time! Picked up two boxes of circulated dimes in hopes of finding silver proofs any errors or varieties you can find and of course foreigns, as well I’ve had my fair share of luck with dimes I’ve also had…

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The Third Attempt – Silver Surprise Below The Rock!

I started earlier than intended. Let’s check out this “valley”. One moment please – a short air test first… Faint audio on a “20 Euro Cent” coin below my 13″ (33cm) mark. Whatever it is, it sounds bad, but it’s my first find… Let’s see what it is. A battery. This one sounds much better….

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Metal Detecting Silver Coins 2019 | Relic Hunting

Hi, I’m DK with adventures in dirt and welcome to another episode of the weekly dirt a weekly series I put on every Sunday way. I try to bring you the best of water metal detecting world has to offer us this week I’m gonna show you some cool finds I’m gonna introduce you to…

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Garrett AT Gold Part 3 of 4 (Instructional)

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Exciting modern coin cache find, silver signals & live digs! Metal Detecting with Minelab E-TRAC #11

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