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Anytime Necklace – DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads

Hi everyone, I’m Allie with PotomacBeads. Join me in making what I’m calling the Anytime Necklace The cool thing is this is a design is that it’s a very basic stitch that you can work with an array of different beads I made it in a ton of different crystal color So that way you…

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How To Make Pendant Bonsai Branches

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How to Make a Beaded Tassel Necklace | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world well today as promised I have taken some little products that I’ve made in earlier videos and turned them into an amazing necklace this is my string bead and string tassel necklace and I’m going to show you how to make it right now for this project…

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How to Make : Simple and Easy Star Necklace

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make this cute little star necklace. Let’s get started. You’ll need: ✴︎ chain ✴︎ jewelry findings. I got this weird closure thing, but you could totally just use a normal lobster clasp ✴︎ jump rings ✴︎ a star bead ✴︎ circular crystal beads. The…

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel and if you’re new welcome today’s video I’m so excited because it’s all about Jamaica I’m going to share with you ten things that you should bring fashion clothing wise to have on your trip in Jamaica and I’m so excited to do this video because I love…

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Silver Reception Cold Process Soap + My Favorite Disney Villain Sidekick | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone, my name is Katie Carson. I am the Duchess of Suds here at Royalty Soaps and welcome to the sixth soap in the Cosmic Fairytale Collection. I hope that you had a great New Year. If you haven’t watched any of the other Cosmic Fairytale videos, I will link the first one…

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How to make Wood Rings – bent veneer w brass Zelda Triforce inlay

A printout for this project is available in the video description. Thanks for watching again I know it’s been awhile since the last project. This was a fun one. I really did have a lot of fun. I love making these. It’s really easy, you don’t need a lot of room, you don’t need a…

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Easy wire wrap ring – Anello semplice con tre perle

Hello everyone! After a long time I came back with a new video today I teach you to make this ring I assure you that it is simple, fast, and it is done in about ten minutes all you need are various pliers a cutting pliers pliers with flat tips and a simple 1mm copper…

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Silver Ring CornRows Ariana Grande Alien Princess HairStyle Hair Rings

Hey loves! Welcome back to my channel. So this week I was inspired by Ariana Grande. It was her birthday and she posted this lovely pic of her rocking this like alien princess. Look that’s how she captioned it anyway on Instagram. I was like Ariana I got you girl, I got to try that…

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How to Make a Beachglass and Charm Necklace | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world about five years ago a dear friend of my mother’s made me this necklace that you see around my neck it became my favorite and I literally have been wearing it every single day since she gave it to me and so today I thought it would…

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