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What were the Fellbeasts of Middle-Earth? – Lord of the Rings Lore

The dark looming shadow of Mordor, the flying mounts of the Nazgul, the Fellbeast. One of the most mysterious creatures in Sauron’s arsenal, for we’re told little about their origins and characteristics. Hello friends, it’s Karl here, and in today’s episode we’ll be unravelling the mysteries of the Fellbeasts of Mordor. So first of all…

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Pawn Stars: VERY RARE 1922 COIN IS HOLY GRAIL OF CURRENCY (Season 10) | History

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How to Test Gold and silver Jewelry from eBay and AliExpress. Gold, silver Testing at home

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The Silver King Mine how was it found

[dramatic music] welcome to an exciting special edition of Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains today we’re going to join Jack San felice out at the Silver King mine now Jack he is a noted historian of the area of the superstitions and the Silver King, Pinal City and he’s written five books on the subject…

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Historique de la Luftwaffe pendant la WW2 – Feat La Folle Histoire

History of the Luftwaffe At the outbreak of the World War II, the German Air Force, the Luftwaffe, is the most powerful air force, with about 4,000 planes: 1/4 fighters, the rest is light or heavy bombers . Who has not heard of the famous Messerschmitt, Heinkel 111 or Junkers 87 Stuka? The Blitzkrieg of…

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The Try Guys Wear Women’s Pants (feat. Safiya Nygaard)

– Pockets! – Pockets! – Pockets! – Pockets! – [Keith] Everybody’s got ’em! – Well, maybe not. – Women’s pants traditionally do not have the pockets that we have, apparently. – Wow. – Do you have pockets right now? – No, I’m wearing a dress. – Some of us are gonna sew up our pockets,…

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Silver in the hole!Meerdere oude vondsten en 2 keer zilver

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TUTO – Les Grades de l’US Army pendant la WW2

During the WWI, almost all the regiments and even some battalions had their own rank insignia, most unauthorized by the federal government of the United States. In 1920, it was decided to simplify the tens of grades in seven levels of different grades, called “Pay Grade”, which corresponded (even today) the pay that was attached…

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Forged in Fire: Irish Ring Hilted Sword Tests (Season 5) | History

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