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hi guys and welcome back to my channel for another video if you’re new here my name is Tamra welcome thank you so much for stopping by and while you’re here please don’t forget to Like and subscribe to my channel so you can join my little growing family so for today’s video I have…

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Wish Clothing Haul & Try On | PART 2 | Success or Disaster?!

so hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so as I did promise in one of my last wish rules where I actually got a load of clothes I was actually waiting for some more to actually come through and they’ve now arrived so I’m going to do my little wish haul video with…

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Wish Clothing Haul & Try On | PART 1 | Success or Disaster?!

So, hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! So today I’ve got a really exciting video for you guys. I actually went a little bit crazy on Wish and thought, I just gonna buy loads of random stuff because, if you didn’t know, and I will link the video above for you, I have…

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Christmas Stuff & Clothing Wish Haul | Success or Disaster?!

so hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I do have a really really exciting video for you guys christmas is just around the corner and so I have been on wish and I’ve got some bits and pieces for Christmas off which so includes a lot of different things some of…

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hey everyone it’s me Alex and everyones favorite bird, Archie! [Music] today’s video is a try on haul. we’re looking at a brand called Shein. It’s basically she-in (s h e i n). if you’ve never heard of Shein before it’s a cheap Chinese clothing company and when I first talked about them I think…

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Everyone is Morgan Yates. And today I’m back with the hall which happens on a strictly sit-down Hall and a while I feel like I’m kind of like tight halls into other videos But today we have a big princess Polly whole face number a bunch of their new arrivals You’ve got stuff for fall…

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SUMMER TRY ON HAUL! Revolve, Reformation, Zara, Topshop

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Jewelry Haul Try On for Girls Who Want to Start a Jewelry Collection (part 2)

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How to Build a Jewelry Collection / Cute Inexpensive Jewelry Haul (Part 1) Broke Girls on a Budget

hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm doing another one of those videos where you online shop with me which if you haven't seen it the first one that I did I did it with bikinis which was so fun because you got to online shop with me to see what I was gonna…

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Shopping At Kroger Grocery Store For My Shoes & Jewelry + Try On Haul (Over 40 Ageless Style)

hey guys good morning those of you who are new I'm Kendra and in this face that's why I'd like to create something funky all while I live in an age is life so this morning I'm up and out it's pretty hot already but I'm on my way to Kroger's on edge i'm on…

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