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Making SPECIAL RING / Mother-of-pearl,Silver,Gold

Blow uniformly with constant force. To soften the hardened silver by hitting We do annealing. After annealing work (heating), Cleans acid (10% sulfuric acid). To match exactly where you need to connect Let the sawing one more time with sawing. When soldering flux, Borax is used. After dissolving a piece of potassium sulfide in boiling…

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Easy wire wrap ring – Anello semplice con tre perle

Hello everyone! After a long time I came back with a new video today I teach you to make this ring I assure you that it is simple, fast, and it is done in about ten minutes all you need are various pliers a cutting pliers pliers with flat tips and a simple 1mm copper…

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DIY: chain necklace with pearl beads / Колье из бусин и цепочки своими руками

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Heart Of Marta Necklace , Ring – Kolye ve Yüzük Yapımı Marta’nın Kalbi design by Edgar Lopez

Hi all my friends, I’m ilknur Dökmez. Welcome to my YouTube channel Today, we will introduce you to the famous jewelry designer, Edgar Lopez. The video of the heart of Marta I will show you with. I thank him very much from here Apply to me on my YouTube channel For allowing me to create…

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Колье из Бисера Своими Руками / Ожерелье из бисера Своими Руками / Beadwork Necklace DIY Tutorial

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How to Use a Ring Sizer and Ring Mandrel

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How to Build an Heirloom Jewelry Box

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ENG_SUB/Christmas ornament from left over leather/자투리로 만든 크리스마스 오나먼트_making video_leather craft/가죽공예

Hello This is Chai leather 🙂 It’s been a while since I said hi with a caption Today, I’ll be doing wet-molding to make Christmas ornament I am going to use left-over leather But I am not sure if it will work well since this is my first time doing wet-molding. I destroyed home furniture…

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DIY Necklace with Swarovski Strass Bars and Fire Polished Beads – www.perlinebijoux.com

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