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How to Test Gold and silver Jewelry from eBay and AliExpress. Gold, silver Testing at home

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Acrylic Edge Nail with Encapsulated Beads Tutorial

The next nail we’re going to do is an edge transparent nail with encapsulated beads. We’re going to start by using our cover pink on the natural nail. This nail’s already been been prepped and primed and it’s already got it’s edge form on so if you’re not sure how to do that then have…

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Ce YOUTUBER parle aux M0RTS (Bruno un nouveau message)

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Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode 25: Gold Playing Cards?

Alright everyone, welcome back to Cody’sLab So I have been wanting to do more of the precious metals refining I’ve been kind of neglecting that series lately and so I think we’ll start back off with these gold-plated playing cards which were sent to me by a fan let’s see how much gold we can…

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how to check Real diamond or fake diamond ( hindi / urdu)

first click on subscribe my channel to join for next video and sport me hello friends my name is irshad in this video i am going to teach you how to check diamond i will tell you four way to check real dimond it Real and fake diamond 1. first scratch a line on mirror…

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Gold Plating My Tungsten Cube

All right, Cody-Don here and welcome back to my lab. What have I been doing? Here, Let me fix this. All right, let’s try that one more time. All right, that’ll work. Looks like we’re doing something with gold cyanide and my tungsten cube. Ahh, we must be gold plating it. Which is interesting because…

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Make Silver Testing Solution to Detect Fake Silver

Warning: Nitric acid is corrosive, while dichromates and chromates are carcinogenic. Wear gloves when handling them. Greetings fellow nerds. In this video we’re going to make a silver testing solution to determine the authenticity of silver metal. This is the same solution sold commercially and online. We’re going to reproduce it here as well as…

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How to use the DICHROSCOPE to test gemstones for pleochroism

We are going to look at the gemmologists and jewellers dichroscope used to test coloured gemstones. They are very simple to use, it’s easy with just a little practice to see and interpret a result, and basically you have only 3 possible outcomes from the test. It will allow you to identify if a gem…

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Are Man-Made Diamonds Really Diamonds?

Diamonds come with a lot cultural implications because, in part, they’re rare! But what if you could just make some? Hey there my precious little gemstones, Trace with ya on DNews today. Geologists are still figuring out the exact details, but we know nature’s recipe for diamonds is carbon, heat, and pressure. Naturally-formed diamonds start…

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Using a Chelsea Colour filter to test gemstones not just Emeralds

We are going to look at the Chelsea colour filter They were initially devised in the 1930s as a test for emeralds, to aid in their identification and separate emeralds from simulants such as glass or other green gems. And they were for a while capable and recommended for that purpose, but the emerald world…

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