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Jewelry Making Tutorial: How To Make A Multi Strand Necklace

To make the Multi-strand Necklace, we’ve got two kinds of chain. We’ve got a very fine gold chain. This will be one of the strands. And we’ve got bead chain. This is chain that’s made with beads worked right into the wire, into the chain. Comes just like this. And that’ll be another one of…

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From Bedroom Sheets to Fashion Hacks! 10 DIY Clothes Ideas for Upcycle Girls

Rise and shine, Crafty Pandas! Seems like our bedsheets got ruined in the washing machine? Don’t tear up just yet, we can still turn it into 5 different outfits! A dress? A skirt? Or maybe a classy romper? Let’s get down to business! Take a large bedsheet, remove the elastic band if you have to….

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DÉFI ÉCOLOGIE : J’arrête tout ça pendant 1 semaine ! – YADEBAT

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Tackling my Craft Hoard – Geometric Necklace

Hey guys. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make an interesting geometric necklace. I actually saw somebody wearing this necklace, probably on Instagram, while I was flicking through the photos. Theirs was store bought; I don’t remember where they got it. Some of you may know. If you do, then you can…

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EASTER DECOR Eggs Pendant DIY Idea 2020

Paint shapes KL300 or KL301 with acrylic paint C0200. Cut the images out of the rice paper 21460 and 21461. Shop online www.aistcraft.com Glue the images onto the shapes with glue Cplus. Apply gloss acrylic varnish KADL1. Stick the self-adhesive metal strip C001S onto the borders of the shape. Stick the self-adhesive metal strip G001S…

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10 DIY Small Bedroom Closet Ideas and Clothing Racks

Generally, Bedroom closets and clothing racks are often filled with lots of things as they are meant to be storage solutions. And sadly, sometime, it could ruin many people moods on a daily basis. Day or night. A well-organized bedroom closet is doable, achievable target, and I am here to help you finished the job…

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How To Make Pendant Bonsai Branches

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How to Make : Simple and Easy Star Necklace

Hey everyone. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make this cute little star necklace. Let’s get started. You’ll need: ✴︎ chain ✴︎ jewelry findings. I got this weird closure thing, but you could totally just use a normal lobster clasp ✴︎ jump rings ✴︎ a star bead ✴︎ circular crystal beads. The…

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Silver Reception Cold Process Soap + My Favorite Disney Villain Sidekick | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone, my name is Katie Carson. I am the Duchess of Suds here at Royalty Soaps and welcome to the sixth soap in the Cosmic Fairytale Collection. I hope that you had a great New Year. If you haven’t watched any of the other Cosmic Fairytale videos, I will link the first one…

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Easy wire wrap ring – Anello semplice con tre perle

Hello everyone! After a long time I came back with a new video today I teach you to make this ring I assure you that it is simple, fast, and it is done in about ten minutes all you need are various pliers a cutting pliers pliers with flat tips and a simple 1mm copper…

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