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The Theory of Oval Chain Rings | ROTOR Factory Tour

(whooshing) – We’re here at the Rotor HQ and factory in Madrid to find out how Q Rings are made, the science behind them, and then to go for a ride on them. And I’m really excited, some of my best results were in Q Rings and it’s been a while since I last used…

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Morganite Ring: Design Unique Ring with Morganite 17.41 Carats

morganite for ring weight 17.41 carats visit our official factory website to learn more we are based in Jaipur India a city famous for cutting the best gems in the whole world gemsfactory.in

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Instructions for Making the Zelda Necklace Kit

Go to www.beadaholique.com to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with beadaholique.com and I wanna show you how to make the exclusive beadaholique.com kit which is the Zelda necklace and this actually comes in two different colorways you’ve got one which are these with these purple iris beads and…

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How to Embellish a Beaded Bezel for the Evening Star Necklace

Hi this Megan with Beadaholique.com and today I’m going to show you how to do an embellished beaded bezel for the evening star necklace so there are a lot of ways to embellish a basic beaded bezel the way I’m going to show you is just one possibility and it’s for this specific piece here…

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Kirsi Lille, Lille Clothing, Happy Textiles Kiina Bootcampin Osallistumisesta

In West, everything is easy but nothing is possible But in China, everything is difficult, but everything is possible My name is Kirsi Lille I run a company called Lille Clothing Lille Clothing makes durable, conscious, timeless women’s clothing. Clothing is produced mainly in Estonia. Partially also in Finland. Materials come from all around Europe….

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How to Use a Ring Sizer and Ring Mandrel

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How to Build an Heirloom Jewelry Box

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Aqua Creations | Simon Says Wall Lights & Pendant Lamps

The ToTeM Collection is made from three shapes Which are To, Te, and M And they can be stackable together, They can stand as a floor lamp The polymer around the black wireframe creates Beautiful soft light And the LEDs that we’re using in the ToTeMs Have a high CRI factor Which is following, as…

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Kilim dokuma kolye nasıl yapılır. Bölüm 4/6 (Weaving with needle necklace technique Part 4/6)

friends, hello, continue with the fourth part This is the most difficult part of this middle section. yellow color but the hardest part is the most difficult part to be forced To make the weaving easy, let’s take the beads down first as you can see here now, we have 3 part here I’m starting…

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Origami: Butterfly Ring – Instructions in English (BR)

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