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How to Make a Leather Sparkle Bracelet | I Made This

Hey guys I’m Alicia and I’m Susan and today we’re making a leather sparkle bracelet so Alicia I love this bracelet you’ve been wearing around forever I think it’s so cute and I want you to either make me one or teach me how to make it I’m gonna teach you how to make it…

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How to Use a Ring Sizer and Ring Mandrel

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Hershey’s Kiss Necklace & Earrings : Hershey’s Kiss Necklaces: Lay Out Plastic Wrap

Step one, take your festive red saran wrap, that if you’re smart you bought on sale the day after Christmas. And you’re simply going to unwrap approximately two and a half to three feet of the saran wrap. My saran wrap is being unwieldy, that’s okay. I have to be smarter than the saran wrap….

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Relaxing Art Therapy | Green Circle Pour (8) Tree Ring Pour | First Attempt | Abstract Fluid Art

(Therapeutic calming music playing throughout entire video.) –No words.

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4 DIFFERENT AMAZING Barbie Doll Clothes Tutorial | Easy Life Hacks to Do It Yourself

In this video we show you “How to Make Barbie Doll Clothes in 4 different ways” Later in the video, you’ll find amazing ideas about barbie dress making. Therefore, keep watching the video. By the way, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel in order not to miss our beautiful and high quality videos. To…

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How To : Make a Bracelet

I’m going to show you how to make charm bracelets like this, how to open closed jump rings and how to use necklace ends start by threading on a necklace end with the open cups or jaws pointing away from you and then thread on a crimp then using a pair of chain nose pliers…

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Let’s Make Friendship Necklaces | ft. Tim Kubart | Classroom Activities For Kids

(lively guitar strumming) – Hey there, this is my friend Tim Kubart. – Hey friends. – And we have this plate of colored pastas. – [Tim] We sure do. – Yes, in different colors of the rainbow. We’re gonna sort them out and put them on the right plate so all the colors match and…

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How to Pick T-Shirt for No-Sew Necklace | No-Sew Crafts

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Hey everyone, simple maker here as always. And today i’m going to tell you about 10 life hacks with clothing iron. Let’s roll! If you are staying in a country house or can’t fry bacon strips for example at work, you can use iron and foil. Wrap bacon in the foil and iron it out….

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Pendant of salt dough. How to Make а Pendant. DIY.

I’ll make small pendants today using these figures roll the dough Roll it so that it is thin Let’s make forms Draw any patterns on the forms Take one butterfly Draw any patterns You can draw strips Make holes for the rope On this butterfly I drew a curl This can be done with any…

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