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[FIBD2020] – TREVOR HAIRSINE en interview pour LESCOMICS.FR

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SILVER SURFER: BLACK Trailer | Marvel Comics

[MUSIC PLAYING] SILVER SURFER: BLACK is the culmination of what Donny Cates has been building towards since Thanos wins. The Silver Surfer has been sucked into a black hole, and when he escapes, he’s very far from home. But it’s how he gets back home that I’m really excited for the readers to find out….

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Top 10 Silver Surfer Shocking Facts

The Silver Surfer was created in 1966, first appearing in Fantastic Four issue 48. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Surfer is a product of the Marvel Method; a collaborative technique at Marvel in which Kirby would working on a brief synopsis to draw individual scenes and plot details, and then Lee would add…

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FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER Movie Clip – Switching Powers (2007) Chris Evans Movie HD

(Panting) Johnny, are you okay? I don’t know. I’ve been feeling really strange since my run-in with Surfer boy. Maybe we should get you checked out. (Grunts) Why did you do that?! I didn’t do anything! – (Screaming) – Stop, drop, and roll! Stop, drop, and roll! – (Screaming) – Oh my God! – Sue!…

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Is the Silver Surfer Headed for the MCU? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

This episode of Nerdist News is sponsored by Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (upbeat music) is silver surfer next for the MCU? Everything we know so far. Silver surfer made some intergalactic waves this week when Marvel’s head honcho Kevin Feige was asked about everyone’s favorite boggie boarding chrome dome on the Golden Globes red carpet in…

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SUPERHERO SCIENCE: Could Superman REALLY Crush Coal Into Diamond?

– How are you doing you wonderful nerds? – Scott here. I am traveling again for the holidays which means its voiceover only today. But thanks to all the new subscribers that we got from the collab we did over at Variant Comics. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a lot of fun. We asked…

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