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Flora Gems – Premier Illinois Jeweler in Champaign Decatur

Flora Gems wants to be a part of your love story. And what says I love you more than the perfect ring? With the largest selection of engagement rings and diamonds in every size. Create your dream ring at Flora Gems. Your #1 Diamond Destination.

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Store Creates Jewelry for Hollywood’s Biggest Stars | All Good

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Paper Bead Y Pendant Necklace

Hi this is Kelly from paperbeadrollers.com. Today’s tutorial is about a quick paper bead necklace that you can whip up if you’re like me and maybe you forgot somebody’s birthday until the last minute or maybe you just have this perfect outfit that you want to wear and you need to whip up some jewelry…

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How to Make a Leather Sparkle Bracelet | I Made This

Hey guys I’m Alicia and I’m Susan and today we’re making a leather sparkle bracelet so Alicia I love this bracelet you’ve been wearing around forever I think it’s so cute and I want you to either make me one or teach me how to make it I’m gonna teach you how to make it…

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Heart Of Marta Necklace , Ring – Kolye ve Yüzük Yapımı Marta’nın Kalbi design by Edgar Lopez

Hi all my friends, I’m ilknur Dökmez. Welcome to my YouTube channel Today, we will introduce you to the famous jewelry designer, Edgar Lopez. The video of the heart of Marta I will show you with. I thank him very much from here Apply to me on my YouTube channel For allowing me to create…

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Kilim dokuma kolye nasıl yapılır. Bölüm 4/6 (Weaving with needle necklace technique Part 4/6)

friends, hello, continue with the fourth part This is the most difficult part of this middle section. yellow color but the hardest part is the most difficult part to be forced To make the weaving easy, let’s take the beads down first as you can see here now, we have 3 part here I’m starting…

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How to Make Bracelet with Pendants. DIY Gift Ideas for Kids.

Greetings to all! Today I want to show you the making of a very simple but a pretty bracelet with pendants for every day. I will also be grateful if you put your thumbs up and share this video on social networks). To make a bracelet we need: a large chain of 15 cm in…

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Paralı firkete kolye | Nazo takı tasarım kursu (Coin hairpin necklace | Nazo jewelry design course)

Hello friends, I’m going to show you this hairy necklace I made these wristbands we’re going to do a little longer, I used 50 pcs money for the wristband used 100 pcs money for necklace I prepared my money and wooden beads, I prepared when you make this lineup, you will use 1 coin and…

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Kilim dokuma kolye nasıl yapılır. Bölüm 3/6 (Weaving with needle necklace technique Part 3/6)

I hope it is useful to those who work by making use of what I told A friend from Kastamonu, Nazife Arpacı said the difference yes I make every effort to create this difference 10000 people have been reached within 24 hours on social media this satisfied me with more I see you have a…

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Doğal taşlı tel örme kolye (Wire knitted necklace with natural stone)

Friends are together in a lesson in this lesson I will show you a different necklace making as you know in my last lesson I showed the wire-knitting technique we will add something more and a different necklace will appear This is actually a wire knitted necklace as you can see I added eyelash rope…

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