– How are you doing you wonderful nerds? – Scott here. I am traveling
again for the holidays which means its voiceover only today. But thanks to all the new subscribers that we got from the collab
we did over at Variant Comics. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a lot of fun. We asked if Flash could be fast enough to deliver all the presents
on Christmas like Santa. I won’t ruin it but there will be a link in the description below.
But at the end of that video, I came to this conclusion. Yeah, maybe the kids getting coal are better off on this one. And that notion actually got
my gears turning a little bit. It reminded me of all the times we’ve seen in movies and cartoons and even the comics themselves of Superman taking coal and
crushing it into diamond. And I want to know if that was possible. You know, just for fun, not because I got coal
for Christmas or anything. I’m good. So, let’s say hypothetically of course that you got coal for Christmas. Could you count on the
man of steel crushing it into a shiny, shiny diamond? To figure out if this is possible, we first must understand
what even is a diamond? And I know that sounds silly. Most of us know what a diamond is. We’ve seen what it looks like. But what is it? The answer is very simple. Carbon. A diamond is just a pure carbon substance. But, so what a lot of
stuff is made up of carbon. The graphite in your pencil for example is also a pure carbon substance but very clearly different from diamond. So, how can we have these two substances that are made up of the same stuff and yet vastly different from one another? The answer lies in the molecular structure of the carbon atoms. Carbon is capable of forming
many different allotropes that have vastly different properties. For example, graphite again is very opaque and brittle which makes it
really great for writing or drawing but probably not super great for engagement rings. I mean, you’d probably find
someone who will dig it. The structure of diamond however
is this dense cubic shape that makes it transparent
and incredibly hard. And so of course, natural
diamonds are formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Some hundred miles or so below. Thanks to incredibly high
pressure and temperature. Two things that Superman
easily has on lockdown. He’s got his heat vision. Right, don’t say it’s laser vision. It’s heat vision everybody. And of course his massive
amounts of strength which you know obviously fluctuates depending on which writer of the comic or movie or TV show. But he’s super, he’s really strong guys. He’s real strong. Look at how strong he is. Wow! That’s pretty strong. But, there is one other major
factor and that is time. Yes, diamonds take a long time to form. Somewhere between 100 million
to even billions of years. I don’t know how patient
you guys are, but I’m not. So, not that I have coal
but if I did, you know. Can’t wait that long. Wait a minute, Scott, I hear you typing. We’re not talking about natural diamonds, we’re talking about man made diamonds or kryptonian made diamonds. I was getting to that,
literally right now. So scientists have been
able to make diamonds in laboratories for some time now. One of the methods they
use is called H-P-H-T which stands for High
Pressure High Temperature because scientists are creative. (sound effect) As the name suggests, this process aims to
simulate the environment that diamonds are naturally formed in. Only you know, under more
controlled circumstances and a lot quicker. Huge plot hole that I’m sure
a lot of you guys have noticed by this point is that neither the process for forming natural diamonds nor synthetic diamonds uses coal. Diamonds created in laboratories
are formed using graphite. Again, your pencil lead. Turns out that graphite and diamond are actually really close to one another both being pure carbon substances. Coal on the other hand is far
from a pure carbon substance. Sure it has a lot of carbon, absolutely, but it also has a ton of impurities. Anywhere between 10% to 50% is not carbon and that makes it a really bad substance to try and make diamonds out of. Coal can be traced back
to dead plant matter that is undergone biological
and geological processes over millions of years. It could contain variable
amounts of really anything from oxygen, hydrogen, sulfer, nitrogen, some organic matter, you name it. But, hey! Impurities
aren’t always a bad thing when it comes to diamonds. In fact, many colored diamonds
occur because of impurities. A boron impurity for example
can make a diamond blue. Nitrogen can make them yellow. And a lot of times, these
diamonds go for way higher prices than regular diamonds do
because of how rare they are. However, those impurities
exist on a scale of about one in every million atoms and coal is lot worse off than that. If you hand Superman a
stocking full of coal, best case scenario, he can make some real low grade diamonds that really aren’t gonna fetch you much. More realistic scenario, he’s just gonna hand you back
a fistful of black powder. The good news is if you
have an aunt or a grandma that gave you a pack of
pencils for Christmas, now we’re in business. I hope you wonderful nerds
enjoyed your holiday. I have two little things
that I have to say before this video ends
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