hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
this year for Valentine’s Day I thought it would be fun to make necklaces and I
love making things out of candy I just love like edible jewelry I just think
it’s super super fun so I’m going to teach you how to make this really cute
chocolate heart and it is you can wear it on one side or the other so it’s
reversible this very cute chocolate heart necklace let me show you how to
make one right now for this project you will need flat-backed candy yarn silk
cord any kind of string as long as it is non stretchy glue dots and scissors so
I’m gonna be using a red and a silver heart so that I can make it reversible
now here’s the thing you just want to make sure that your candy is a flatback
candy that’s all you need to do to make sure that this craft works correctly you
just want to make sure it’s got a flat back to it and you want to make
sure that the two sides you’re gonna use two pieces of candy and you want to make
sure that those two sides fit together nicely they fit together exactly so
they’re like mirror images of each other which is exactly what you want first
thing I’m gonna take five glue dots now here’s the thing you can use a low temp
glue gun but I would not suggest it just because it melts the candy and you don’t want to ruin the candy
so I’m putting glue dots all over the back basically so I’m going to start
with that bottom point and then I’m going to put one in each of the rounded
parts of the heart and then I’m gonna fill up the center in between there as
well and you only need to put glue dots on one candy so now I’ve got all my glue
dots on and just gonna take my cord in this case I’m
gonna make it 24 inches long and I’m just gonna lay my cord right you see how
that divots in in between those two upper parts of the heart the two
loop-d-loop parts see how it’s just kind of divots in you’re gonna go right
underneath there and just lay your cord right down so see you still have the top
divots and you still got a little bit of this glue sticking out of at the top of
it and that’s important because now I’m just gonna take my heart stick it on top
and basically my necklace is done all I need to do now is tie it off so just
gonna take my two ends I like to do a little wrap around each other and come
back and do a little figure eight just tie off pull that tight and give it a
little snip and it’s done so easy so cute and there you have it some super
cute super simple jewelry that is sweet enough to eat literally so I want to
show you a couple little things this is when you use more than one it’s kind of
I love it because it’s kind of like Wilma Flintstone doesn’t that kind of
remind you of the Wilma Flintstone necklace I love it anyway you can do it
out of other things too I want to show you you can make it out of gold coins so
that you can show your honey that you want some money and you can even mix in
things like starbursts as long as you have got a flat back candy
you are ready to roll for more fun ideas that are super sweet checks out at