hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
about five years ago a dear friend of my mother’s made me this necklace that you
see around my neck it became my favorite and I literally have been wearing it
every single day since she gave it to me and so today I thought it would be kind
of fun to show you how to make your very own beach glass and charm necklace I’m
going to show you how to make it right now for this project you will need 30
inches of 1 millimeter round leather cord beach glass charm assorted metal
charms assorted beads scissors and glass seed beads so we’re going to start with
30 millimeters excuse me 30 inches of 1 millimeter
leather cord and this is something that I got on Amazon and I’ll have a link for
you down below and I also was able to find these beautiful beach glass charms
and as you can see they come pre-drilled now it’s a small hole which is why you
want this one millimeter cording you don’t want anything thicker than that
I’m going to use this color because I’m just very very fond of this pretty color
and you’re just going to take your cord and thread it through the hole then
thread your charm through now in this case as you can see my charm has a has a little circle there where you’re supposed to thread through
I don’t need an o-ring because I’m going to have it laying flat on top of my
charm so there we go so this is going to lay right flat on
top of my sea glass charm there you see like that now this is the
way I like to make my necklaces which I like to have the first bead actually go
over both cords and then I split off into separate sides so I’m going to take
one of these tubular beads this is a bone bead and I’m just going to pick
both strings and place it through the bone bead pull it down all the way now if you don’t want to do that you can
also tie a knot there but I just kind of love the way that that lays and now
you’re gonna start adding whatever beads you like to either side and I tend to be
a matching matchy person but you don’t have to be matching matchy I’m gonna use two of
these African beads that I found I thought these are really nice so one on
either side a great place and resource for finding beads Michaels has a lot of
arts and crafts beads as does Joann Fabric but I want to have one little pop
of color here and that’s why I’m gonna use this red bead which is kind of like
a painted seed bead it’s glass has a bit of a larger hole about a four millimeter
hole and there’s my necklace now what I’m gonna do is use a slip knot
technique and if you have not watched my video on how to make a slip knot now
would be a good time to go watch it there’s a link down below you lay one
loop over top of the other wrap it around and then you bring it through the
hole and now we’re going to come to the other side and loop it around go around
the whole thing once and pull it through your slip knot works in this way you can
make it long to go over your head and then you just pull that to make it tight
and just snip that extra off on either side and there you have it your very own
Beach glass and charm necklace I hope you have as much fun as I do making
these I find that I love making them because each charm just speaks to a
different kind of friend that I have and it’s just so much fun picking the
beads picking the charms that go with each of my different friends so I hope
that you enjoy it as much as I do for more great ideas check us out at