hi guys! welcome back! in today’s video, i’ll create a haul video because, lots ask me to create haul chinese new year edition version 2 weeks ago, I and my mom had holiday in Singapore and we bought some stuff for CNY the plan is I won’t buy lot, as I just decluttered but it turns out I bought a lot! so, I shopped this much! there are still shoes and other stuff in this video, I’ll show you what I buy, the price, where I buy, and whether it is worth to buy so, let’s get started first haul that I oblige to enter and buy is The Editor’s Market that’s one of my favorite clothing store in Singapore as they sell good, trendy, young, street-style, sweet and casual look and the price is affordable, in my opinion and their shopping system is interesting if you buy one cloth, it costs S$35, if you buy 3, one costs S$25 buy more then the price is cheaper i bought 3 in that store the first one is this dress I had one looking like this and I wore in the last video, but that was jumpsuit. This one is dress the material is good, its not too thick, it draws the body up and makes our fat unseen but the size is a bit awkward to me, this one is S it feels a bit too large, but wearing XS, it’s too small, so, I’m in between in the end, I bought the S one 1S$ converts to IDR, it’s IDR10400, so this one is IDR290K next, I also bought this blouse an oversized black t-shirt, wearing this make people look more casual, fun, and chic the price is S$25, the material is good, comfortable, I really like how it looks on my body and I also like buying basic cloth as it can be paired with jeans, culotte, skirt, everything the last one from The Editor’s Market is this pants, this is like culotte and wide leg pants the material is thick typical clothes that I like are those with thick material I don’t like the sparse one as it makes my fat seen this one is S$35, a bit expensive, probably as it is pants and it’s difficult for me to choose the size XS too small, S a bit baggy, that’s why it looks a bit baggy on me even though I don’t feel this fits super nice on me, but I can still wear this I stayed on Bugis area, after I went to Bugis Junction and around, Orchard also, we went to Bugis Street because it’s been 7 years that I went back to that place and I wanted to look how it looks like nowadays Bugis Street is like market that similars to Pratunam Bangkok, lots of store in shape of market and the price is affordable but the quality fits the price, not as good as store’s clothes the first one is I bought basic tanktop the model is like this it’s like tanktop, but in the middle, there are some buttons, making this more unique it costs S$15, but the material is really good as it’s comfy, thick, and stitches are fine I bought two, other one is white this tanktop is easy to match with any tops, can be paired with anything, so I bought two I also bought this skirt, this is like balloon skirt but in the middle, there are also some buttons to be honest, I regret buying this when I walked to other store, each store has this skirt, too many stores sell this item what’s difficult buying clothes in Bugis Street is we can’t try the clothes reason why I bought this is because I think this is cute on second floor, it has one store that I really like as the clothes are korean style different style of clothes that they sell among other stores, that’s why I buy quite a lot there first, I bought this plaid cloth, the color is light blue and light yellow I bought this after looking the mannequin wearing that top with this white skirt it looks really good and I decide to buy one set I don’t remember the price, but I think it’s S$15, it’s cheap but the material is just so so the stitches are inept, the material feels like cheap cloth the skirt is like this the color is white, they have many colors, but I choose this one I like this skirt, but I need to wear corset I feel this set looks very cute and very summer kinda look soon, I’ll go to Bali, I can wear this to Bali next, I bought white pants, it’s wide leg pants I don’t have white pants that looks like this, that’s why I bought this and I like because this pants is easy to match to any kind of tops and it looks like a street style and I bought this top this can be used as a top or jacket that’s what the clerk said and the price is S$15, for the skirt S$20 this one is girlish, sweet kinda look last that I bought from the store is outer, camel brown jacket for outerwear, the price is really cheap, moreover in Singapore it looks edgy, cool, korean kinda look but I don’t like this, like “why the stitches are inept” it makes this look bad okay, that’s what I bought from Bugis Street next I bought Sport Bra from Uniqlo, this one is really comfortable to wear I’ll wear this everytime I go on sport last, I bought clothes from Love Bonito to be honest, I went to Singapore for buying Love Bonito’s clothes as I like their clothes arriving there, I looked and felt the season of Love Bonito’s clothes aren’t my taste it’s sleeveless and mature, so I bought one this yellow dress to be honest, don’t want this kind of color, too bright, but this color makes my skin brightened, and my mom said this is good, so I bought probably, I’ll use this for CNY day one yes, almost done I bought 2 shoes strappy heels for the first one I don’t have the casual shoes like this so I bought the heels is cute, unique this is super duper comfy this matches to any outfit so, I use this heels for the haul and all matches tbh, I bought too many of shoes as last December I just bought 3 heels but the heels is too high but I bought that for coming to event, like 10 cms and it doesn’t work for daily outfit, so I went to Pazzion and bought this this is low heightened heels, really comfy if you are not able to wear heels, wanna buy the comfy one, try Pazzion the material is soft, therefore it’s comfy on feet I also bought lipstick from MAC, shade mocha, it’s orange brown I liked MAC lipstick, loved the formula, I still like actually but this satin lipstick is easy to smear, 100% will be gone after eating but I like the formula, very rich, creamy, and very pigmented so guys, that’s all for today’s video hope you enjoy with this haul video don’t forget to like and subscribe and I upload this video after CNY as I don’t want you to know what clothes I wear on CNY so, yeah Thank you so much for watching bye!